Hops and Chamomile Tea, a Natural Sleep Aid

Most people have trouble sleeping at times. I have learned to use Hops and Chamomile tea as a sleep aid.  You probably know that hops is used in beer.  If you like the beer taste you will definitely like hops.  Remember there is no alcohol in hops tea.

Chamomile is also used to sooth the stomach or on the exterior as an anti fungal agent.  Some people have an allergy to Chamomile.  

You can buy them in bulk at an herb store or online or grow your own.  Take a few teaspoons of the dried flowers in combination or separately in a tea pot or cup with strainer and poor hot water over to steep or infuse for a few to several minutes.   Then sip before you go to sleep.  Though the first infusion is the best, I usually  infuse 2 to 3 times, pouring less water over the wet leaves each time to extract all the tea.  I find it relaxes me and quiets my mind. Here is a website that tells how to make a hops pillow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KWI_0XLhdU which they claim is very effective too.

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